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What our customers say

"We hebben veel baat bij het opgeleverde werk en het proces dat we samen hebben doorlopen."

Douwe van de Goorberg


“It was great to see how well the Investor Readiness course was received and it clearly filled a need. From a campus perspective, we are very pleased  with both the content and the professional way the course was organised.”

Nico Stam
Chief Business Officer

"In strengthening the industrial ecosystem of Brainport region Eindhoven crossovers between industrial sectors can play an accelerating role. Here we have high expectations from the high-tech systems and food technology sectors. The challenge is to initiate talks among entrepreneurs. In our first attempts to realize this we had a lot of support from Nur America. Her knowledge of high-tech and her understanding of the food technology played an important role. As the project leader of 'Bringing High-Tech and Food companies together' she brought Brainport a step further towards the position of top technology region."

Joep Brouwers
Deputy Director

“Newness supported us with a structured approach to our new business development process. With Newness’s method and tools to  qualitatively assess the market segments we were able to effectively  evaluate new markets to find the best match for our offer and meet our business goals.  We increased our insights into certain markets through market knowledge of Newness. Nur America helped us in preparing for our strategic  dialogues with  potential customers and joined us in a customer visit in the target market.  As a partner in our business development efforts, Newness made a major contribution and helped us resolve our strategic approach to the market segment.”

Tony Edwards
SVP Corporate Marketing


“High Tech NL has begun in 2012 with setting set up a working group for Southern Germany. The purpose of this working group is to eliminate barriers, in particular for the smaller SMEs. A number of discussions with interested parties and companies with experience have taken place. Soon the working group Southern Germany will start officially. In the initial phase, in the run-up discussions, Nur America has helped by contributing her expertise. Her work experience in Southern Germany and her contribution to keep the talks and discussions on track were valuable.”

Geert Bruinsma
Ecosystem Program Manager

“During our collaboration Nur America has helped me to look differently at some business cases that I was working on. This new perspective has created new opportunities and I plan to use it also to commit to future projects. Nur's knowledge of the 'client organization' has definitely proved to be of great value. Understanding the decision-making and how to act upon it was a much discussed point during our collaboration.”

Daniel van der Linden
Business Development

“NightBalance introduces the Sleep Position Trainer, a new innovation for the treatment of positional sleep apnea. As a young company we lacked experience in bringing a medical technology to the market. With her rich network Nur America brought us in contact with a valuable person that had the right experience to help us several steps further. We had many other talks with other consultants who couldn't meet the good match Nur America was able to make. This increased the speed with which we were able to develop as a company.”

Eline van Beest
Founder en Managing Director

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“Working with Newness has brought us closer to our customers. ETC has developed a marketing strategy to support its diversification activities. Nur has helped us a lot in both setting up the strategy and implementing it for new services and applications we now offer to the market. I very much appreciate the way Nur has helped us forward in selecting key partners and customer base, all based on a sound approach and well developed market insight. The style Nur applies is very cooperative, and I have appreciated her professionalism and integrity.”

Eric Klaassen
Director Diversification Services

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