Business Model Innovation

Business Model Canvas 900

Objective of the Training Program

Rapidly changing technologies, globalization, Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution), new market trends, social trends and higher demands of consumers, bring additional challenges to building and managing a sustainable business. Your organization must adapt to the changes and innovate to compete.

In the fourth industrial revolution, the real revolution will be the business models. Opportunities created by Industry 4.0 for business models will stimulate innovation effort. The research shows that the ability to analyze data will be decisive for the business models. You need to change your business model.

How can you generate, evaluate and implement new business models for your organization? With our experienced trainers, we help you to learn innovative methods, develop knowledge and practical skills for business model innovation, and generate successful new business models for your organization.

Target audience

Target audience are managers of SMEs, startups and entrepreneurs. These companies want to accelerate, grow and generate new revenue.

Learning Objectives

The workshop is aimed at

  • Generating new value propositions
  • Identifying new customer segments and sales channels
  • Innovating with strategic partners
  • Generate new revenue streams

The participants will

  • Learn and practice the methodology and apply business model canvas for generating and visualizing new business models
  • Develop innovative new business models
  • Learn to apply multidisciplinary and creative collaboration techniques

Approach of the workshop

To make the training effective and interesting for the participants, our approach is

  • Interactive: Involvement of the participants will be stimulated by interactive sessions, discussions and question rounds.
  • Practice oriented: Practical examples will be given and the exercises during session will enable the participants can put their knowledge into practice.

Format of the workshop

The workshop has a program of half a day.

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