Investor Readiness Training

investor readiness training

Objective of the training program

Young companies have the potential to create a lot of value for the economy and the society. Funding is important at every stage of the company. Companies which cannot get financial support and effectively manage itself through the death valley curve, will fall victim to negative cash flows and fail to invest in a commercial breakthrough. Therefore, Investor Readiness is important to increase chance of a successful funding round.

Investor Readiness means understanding the criteria that the investors are using to assess your business opportunity so that they can decide whether they want to make an investment. It is important to present your opportunity from their point of view and position it in such a way that it attracts investors. This implies a lot of preparation.

The objective of the training is to help startups to prepare for a new round of funding. This involves understanding the investor criteria and the process, and with a convincing and inspiring presentation, business plan, increase the chances of a successful financing round.

Target audience

Target audience are young companies in the High-tech/Medtech industry who want to prepare for a new round of funding. These companies are ready to accelerate and grow, and know how to generate income. These companies must have a basic business plan.

Learning objectives

The participants will

  • Learn how to prepare for a funding round with a convincing and inspiring presentation
  • Understand the criteria and the process of the investors, and how to select investors
  • Increase the likelihood on a successful funding round

Approach of the program

To make the training effective and interesting for the participants, our approach is

  • Interactive: involvement of the participants will be stimulated by interactive sessions, discussions and question rounds.
  • Practice oriented: practical examples will be given and the exercises during the sessions and the assignment given at the end of the session will enable the participants put their knowledge into practice.

Format of the program

The program consists of one day of training with interactive sessions and a half day during which participants will present their business to a panel.

Trainers and guest speakers

Trainers are experienced entrepreneurs and professionals who have experience in assisting companies in obtaining funding.

Guest speakers will be invited from the industry and investment companies to present and discuss concrete examples.

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