3 April 2019

Hannover Messe 2019 - This year 5G takes the central stage

bizob 450Hannover Messe 2019 is stage to latest innovations. This year 5G takes the central stage. 5G with real-time data transmission, high security and low energy consumption makes the IoT finally mobile and will find its way into industrial applications.

The application of machine learning and AI methods to industrial production and engineering design is in the highlight. You can see how the connectivity of machines, robots, cobots and edge devices makes it possible to collect and analyze data to create better processes, platforms for industrial intelligence and business models. Additive manufacturing processes are shown as becoming more commonplace in the factory environment.

Digital twins and smarty factory solutions are widely shown at the fair. These aim to increase the productivity and flexibility of manufacturing. While the attention has been mainly on machinery and the networking of machines so far, there is increasing awareness to focus on the workers for the success of digital transition.

Smart mobility cannot be missed at Hannover Messe with the Flying Car of PAL-V.

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